Mothers have an exceptional privilege to partner with God in bringing forth life and nurturing it with love. A mother’s unconditional love is incomparable to any other kind of love in this material realm.

Among the many qualities mothers possess, the most extraordinary is a mother's heart filled with love. Every mother's belief that her child is the most precious lays the foundation for the development of her child's personality. A mother's love, which is unconditional and selfless, plays a significant role in shaping the core of love in every individual's life.

On May 12th, 2024, as we celebrate Mother's Day, we have the opportunity to show love and appreciation to the extraordinary women who have supported and nurtured us. Commemorate Mother's Day by giving her flowers, inviting her to a dinner outing, dedicating quality time, or offering assistance - anything that would bring a smile to her face.

God–Our Spiritual Mother

As we celebrate this day, let us pay our special obeisance to God, who is the Divine Mother of all souls. She takes on the form of the Mother of the universe as Parvati, Sita, Durga, Lakshmi, and Shree Radha. She is the quintessence of love energy. 

Our Divine Mother, who is an ocean of love, is always with us, watching over us, regardless of whether we acknowledge her love or not. She has been waiting since innumerable lifetimes for her child to turn around from the worldly allurement towards her.

On Mother's Day, let us pray for her grace to bestow us with faith and her eternal love and protection. 

God-Our Spiritual Mother

Understanding the Divine Mother or the Yogmaya Energy

Many spiritual traditions recognize the concept of a Divine Mother, a universal force representing unconditional love, compassion, and nurturing energy. This Divine Mother embodies the creative and sustaining power of the universe. The scriptures describe the Divine Mother as Yogamaya–the personal power of God, with which He governs all His other powers.

"Similar to God, His Yogmaya energy is both formless and manifests into personal forms. Radha, Sita, Lakshmi, Parvati. Durga, Kali, etc., are the divine forms of the Yogmaya energy of God. In the Vedic culture, all these forms are revered; as the Mother of the Universe. She radiates the motherly qualities of kindness, mercy, compassion, beauty, divine grace, and causeless love. Among these, the most important quality for us souls is Her divine grace with which we can acquire transcendental knowledge to know God." - Swami Mukundananda in Bhagavad Gita - Song of God - Chapter 7-Verse 2

Happy Mother's Day to our Divine Mother
Happy Mother's Day to our Divine Mother

It's important to remember that these multiple forms are not separate entities but different expressions of the one Divine Mother. They represent various aspects of her universal energy, allowing devotees to connect with her qualities that resonate most with them.

Divine Mother Descends in Personal Form

It is fascinating to know that the divine mother manifests in a personal form amongst us. In the Vedic scriptures, there are mentions of various manifestations of the divine mother, including Durga, Sita, Kali, Radha, and more. These forms range from opulent to sweet, enabling us to establish a closer connection with them based on our preference.

Her descent in personal form serves various purposes, but the primary objective is to offer us guidance and exemplify divine virtues, enabling us to purify our being and strengthen our surrender.

Mother Sita in Epic Ramayana - a Symbol of Perfect womanhood

Happy Mother's Day to Divine Mother - the source of motherly love
Happy Mother's Day to Divine Mother - the source of motherly love

Mother Sita, as portrayed in the epic Ramayana, stands as a shining example of how the Divine Mother takes on a personal form to teach us morals and virtues. Hindus worship Mother Sita as an ideal woman who plays the role of a perfect wife and mother. In the great epic Ramayana, she set the highest ideals of sacrifice, compassion, and loyalty that have remained the bedrock of Vedic culture and civilization

Read Ramayana Short Story to learn more about Mother Sita.

Significance of Feminine Virtues

Mother's Day is of great importance as it serves as a vital reminder to embrace the fundamental Feminine Virtues that play a key role in the success of any society.

In the process of celebrating Mother's Day year after year, we are actively encouraging all of humanity to adore themselves with feminine virtues.

Happy Mother's Day! Universe is delighted too!
Happy Mother's Day! Universe is delighted too!

The Universe also seems to rejoice when the cheerful sounds of Happy Mother's Day resonate throughout on this special day!

In conclusion, while we commemorate Mother's Day by expressing love and appreciation for our biological mothers, it is equally important to acknowledge and extend our gratitude to our eternal Divine Mother, who embodies the qualities of unconditional love and compassion. Let's get inspired to glorify and contemplate upon the personality and virtues of the Divine Mother, not just on Mother’s Day but every day of our lives! Happy Mother's Day!

FAQs for Mother's Day - Honoring our Earthly and Divine Mothers

When is Mother's Day in 2024?

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. This year it is being celebrated on May 12th, 2024.

When did Mother's Day originate?

There are traditions of honoring mothers dating back to ancient civilizations. The modern concept of Mother's Day gained momentum in the 19th century, with Anna Jarvis playing a key role in establishing it as a national holiday in the United States in 1914. Since then the tradition has become global.

What is the significance of Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate mothers and mother figures. Beyond wishing Happy Mother's Day, It's a time to acknowledge our mother's sacrifices, love, and guidance throughout our lives.

Why do we celebrate both our earthly mothers and our Divine Mother?

This passage emphasizes the importance of both our physical mothers and a spiritual concept of a Divine Mother. Our earthly mothers nurture us in the physical world, while the Divine Mother represents a source of universal love and compassion that guides us on a spiritual path.

What are some qualities associated with the Divine Mother?

The Divine Mother is often seen as embodying qualities like:

  • Compassion
  • Nurturing love
  • Creativity
  • Strength
  • Grace
  • Forgiveness

How can we celebrate our Divine Mother?

  • Devotional Prayers and offerings with love to Divine Mother in her various forms as Radha, Sita, Durga, Kali or any other form you like.
  • Reflecting on her eternal love and guidance towards our ultimate goal of God Realization.

Contemplate on Goal of Life on Mother's Day

  • Cultivating the qualities she represents.
  • Reading scriptures to enhance our understanding of our relationship with the Divine Mother.

How is Mother's Day celebrated around the world?

While many countries celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, there are variations in dates and traditions across the globe. The core message of appreciating mothers remains universal.

How can we express our gratitude to our worldly mothers?

Here are some ideas:

  • Write a heartfelt letter or poem wishing her Happy Mother's Day
  • Give a thoughtful gift
  • Spend quality time together
  • Offer help with chores or errands
  • Share the love with other motherly figures in your life

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