The International Day of Yoga was established by the United Nations in 2014 to be celebrated on June 21st. The resolution acknowledged that making more people aware of the benefits of practicing yoga would have a positive impact on the health of the global population.

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Celebrating International Yoga Day - Get Involved to Inspire the Humanity

Celebrating International Yoga Day - Get Involved

On June 21st, people around the world come together to commemorate the International Day of Yoga, a special occasion to honor the practice and the positive impacts it brings. Here are some ideas to get involved:

Attend yoga events in local community. Many communities organize free yoga classes in parks, studios, or even online. This is a perfect chance to learn the basics or try a new style of yoga and make it a daily routine going forward. Participate in the 108 Surya Namaskar on International Yoga Day at the Dallas Yoga Fest.

Organize yoga with friends and family. Organize a get together with your close friends and family and organize group yoga session using beginner level yogasans. Utilize free online yoga and meditation resources to organize the session. Explore opportunities at Prem Yoga and Wellness Center of RKT at the JKYog headquarters.

Familiarize with the science of Yoga. On the International Yoga Day, set aside some time to read books and articles related to Yoga. Try to understand the science behind Yoga. Read about different yoga postures and their specific benefits. Explore Yoga for Body, Mind and Soul by Swami Mukundananda, a comprehensive book on Yoga, Mediation and Pranayam, incorporating all the five wings of unique and holistic system of Yog.

Enroll in Yoga Teacher's Training. If you consider yourself an experienced Yoga practitioner, let the enthusiasm of International Yoga Day inspire you to pursue a certification as a Yoga instructor. There are multiple Yoga teacher training choices - in-person, online, or hybrid.

Check Prem Yoga Envisioned by Swami Mukundananda, Prem Yoga is a system of yoga that combines wellness, devotion, and service.

Service opportunities. If you are a certified Yoga teacher, a great way to celebrate the International Day of Yoga would be to offer free yoga classes in schools, hospitals, offices, etc. in your community.

Extensive scientific research has shown that yoga can have a profound positive effect on individuals' overall well-being, encompassing their physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. On the special occasion of International Yoga Day, let's actively engage in the celebrations and inspire others to embrace the practice of yoga.

Dallas Yoga Fest - inspiring the Dallas DFW community

Dallas Yoga Fest, inspired by Swami Mukundananda, is an event that celebrates well-being, unity, and sustainability. The goal of this initiative is to promote awareness in the community about the advantages of yoga by blending ancient yogic principles with modern medical knowledge.

It is a free community event that will take place at the JKYog US headquarters. In addition to an array of inspiring yoga and wellness activities and workshops, attendees can look forward to a keynote speech by Swami Mukundananda. Swamiji is a dedicated yoga practitioner and a certified yoga instructor.

Key Highlights of the Dallas Yoga Fest community awareness event includes a sound healing concert, blood drive, health fair screening and consultation, Ayurveda workshops, Meditation and Pranayam sessions, and much more.

Dallas Yoga Fest aims to promote the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of the Dallas DFW community.

Find Dallas Yoga Fest event details here

Organizing Free Yoga Sessions on International Yoga Day

For certified yoga teachers, International Yoga Day presents an amazing opportunity to contribute to the well-being of your community.

By proactively planning and reaching out to the community, you can successfully coordinate a free yoga session on International Yoga Day, creating an opportunity for others to explore the diverse benefits of this ancient practice.

Here are some excellent ideas on where and how to organize free yoga sessions on International Yoga Day (June 21st):

Construct a plan. You may want to plan ahead and secure a public or private facility. Public places like parks, beaches and community centers would be perfect for Yoga class. Check the weather predictions for June 21st if you chose an outdoor space. Be sure to check for the need of permits or rules and guidelines for the use of public space. Be mindful of safety of the attendees, for example, if you are going to be at the beach, chose a location away from water's edge.

Community reach out. Many local businesses may also be interested in organizing free yoga awareness sessions at their facilities. Local Yoga Studios might be willing to let you use their space on International Yoga Day.

Virtual offering. Organizing a virtual yoga session is also easily possible with the use of modern technology. This allows people from all over to participate, regardless of location. Promote your session on social media beforehand.

Spread the joy! Ensure that your free session is inclusive and caters to diverse groups and backgrounds. The key is to establish a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for all your participants.

To sum up, International Yoga Day provides a fantastic chance to celebrate and spread the joy of yoga to all of humanity! If you're just starting out with yoga, mark June 21st, International Yoga Day, as the perfect time to kickstart your routine. If you are an expert yoga enthusiast, aim to inspire and ignite others with the same enthusiasm in your local and online community.

Happy International Yoga Day!